How To Use Stencils To Create A Scene On Your Wall

If you are painting a child's bedroom or merely looking for a way to spruce up your living room, you might want to consider using stencils to create a scene rather than just sticking with plain walls. Stencils ensure that any shapes that you add to the scene will look perfect and that the only skill you need to have is deciding where you want them to go. Follow these steps to create a scene with stencils on your wall.

1. Choose the Scene You Want to Make

The first step is to choose the scene that you would like to make. One popular idea is to make a flower garden on your wall. Another is to create a planet with alien life on your wall. Both will delight and inspire your child while he or she plays in the room. Look online for more stencil sets and for more ideas. If you don't see anything that you like, you can custom order stencils with your particular design. 

2. Purchase the Stencils

Next, you are going to want to purchase the stencils. There will often be many stencils that correspond to the particular theme that you want. Choose four or five object stencils, such as flowers and trees or an alien and a spaceship. Also purchase one or two background stencils, such as different sized blades of grass if you are choosing to make a flower garden background or craters if you are going to try your hand at space aliens.

3. Paint the Wall the Background Color

Next, paint the wall the background color. If you are going to have a separate color to give the impression of ground, like a strip of green to make your grass stand out or a rocky beige color for an alien planet, paint this color on top of your main background color after the paint has dried.

4. Make Copies of the Stencils

Take the stencils that you have purchased and trace as many of each that you think you need on pieces of paper. Set up your scene by taping these pieces of paper to the wall using blue painters tape. This will allow you to decide where everything is going to go and move stuff around until you have it set up perfectly. 

5. Paint the Wall

Next, you are going to take your stencil and move from area to area, removing each piece of paper one at a time and painting the stencil itself. Make sure that you have enough paint so that you can paint all of your stencils and not go back to the store for more. 

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