How To Cut Out On Drywall Surfaces

Painting your walls is a great way to freshen up the look at any room. The great thing about painting interior drywall is that you can often do the work on your own. It is a great DIY home improvement project that is easy and affordable. However, painting on drywall does require a little bit of skill and practice. The hardest part of the job is usually cutting out along the edges and corners of the walls. This article will explain how to master cutting out on drywall interiors.

Cutting Out

The term "cutting out" refers to painting along the edges and corners of the room. This includes cutting out along windows, doors, baseboard, cabinets and the ceiling. Some people mistakenly think that all they need to do to cut out is use painter's tape along the edges. However, painter's tape often doesn't get the job done. Paint will usually seep under the tape in some areas, leaving behind a blotchy line.

A Helpful Technique for Cutting Out

There is a helpful technique you can use to fix this problem. To perfect this technique you will need the same painter's tape, but you will also need lightweight spackling paste. First, apply the tape to the wall along the edge or corner that you are cutting out. Push down firmly, especially along the edge that you are painting. Then, just using your finger (and maybe a pair of latex gloves), spread the spackling paste along the line of tape that your are gonna paint. Spread the splackling paste very thinly, so it is hardly noticeable. This fills in any minuscule crevices or bumps in the wall texture that could create a crack underneath the tape. It seals the tape and prevents any paint from seeping underneath it. When the paint dries you will have much cleaner lines because no paint will seep underneath the tape if it was properly spackled.

You can usually remove the tape immediately, before it even dries to speed up the process. In reality, applying spackling paste to the tape will double the amount of time it takes to do your taping. However, you will have much more distinguished lines.

This helpful technique will give your paint job a more professional look. Luckily, you do not need to be an expert painter to master this method and you do not need a handful of special tools or materials.

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