Choosing The Right Color Paint For The Exterior Of Your Home

If you are planning on painting the exterior of your home, picking the best color might seem overwhelming. Working with your personal taste along with your home's environment will make a difference in narrowing down your options. Here are four factors you should bring into account when picking the perfect paint color scheme for your home.

1. Keep Resale Value in Mind

If you might be gearing up to sell, it is a good idea to keep this in mind when picking paint. If you have always wanted a bold color scheme, this might not be the best time for your personality to shine through with paint choices. Going with a more practical neutral tone that won't be distracting to home buyers in the future might be your best option.

2. Matching the Environment Around Your Home

If your home is in a wooded environment, it might make sense to keep with a darker color or more natural, wooden look to your home. If your home is in the desert, a tan or lighter color might fit in with the backdrop. Exterior elements of your home matter as well, so make sure that your color scheme will complement your existing landscape.

3. Look at Your Neighbor's Homes

If you are at a loss for color choices, it can be a good idea to get ideas for your neighbors. If your house can fit in with the rest of the neighborhood, it will make your home look nicer and well kept. If you decide to go with a stand out color scheme, just remember that your home might stick out like a sore thumb and irritate neighbors.

4. Factor in the Architectural Style of Your Home

Looking at the style of your home itself can give you some insight on how to approach your color choices. If you have a stucco spanish-style house, muted oranges and turquoise might fit well. If you have a Victorian-style home, you may want to pick a bold color and spruce this up with fancy trim instead. The type of home you have can speak to specific paint schemes, making your choices more simplified.

It is always a good idea to work with professional painters who can also offer up advice on color schemes for your home. More important than knowing what works, professional painters will have insight into what doesn't. Give some serious thought to the color of your home by blending your personal tastes with external factors.

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