Four Darling Ideas For Painting A Nursery

Painting a nursery helps to create a warm, welcoming space for baby to come home to. Giving parents lots of options for creating unique looks in the nursery can help you to land more new clients and walk away with satisfied customers. Use these ideas as inspiration to help grow your business and create darling nursery looks that are sure to please.

Create A Chalkboard Wall

Paint one wall in the room with chalkboard paint to create an interactive wall. When the baby is young, parents can use this wall for everything from keeping track of a feeding schedule to creating cute backgrounds for monthly baby portraits. As the child gets older, he or she can use it as a personal art wall. Consider installing shelves for holding chalk and erasers as an extra finishing touch.

Paint A Do-It-Yourself Mural

Create a space that parents can use to add removable wall decals near the baby's crib. This area can be used for glow-in-the-dark stars, cartoon characters or other baby-friendly designs, and can help to calm and distract a fussy baby. When the baby is ready to graduate to a toddler bed, this space can serve as a painted-on headboard that anchors the room's decor. To achieve this look, paint a large rectangle just above the top of where the crib will be placed. This area should be painted in a color that contrasts the rest of the wall. Add a picture frame the size of the rectangle to complete the look, or simply paint a border on the wall.

Say It With Stripes

Striped walls add depth and dimension to the room, and can be great for making small spaces look bigger. This look can be achieved by using two different tones of the same color, such as light pink and rose or midnight blue and baby blue. The wider the stripes, the more impact this painting effect will have. For gender-neutral nurseries, consider shades of yellow or green for this look.

Build a Blue Sky

For an airy, dreamy look in a nursery, consider painting each wall with a bright sky blue. After the primer and paint are both applied, paint fluffy white clouds throughout the room. You can also create this look on the ceiling for an even more impressive look. When painting the ceiling, consider also painting glow-in-the-dark stars that continue the sky theme even when the lights are out.

For assistance with your project, consider taking on painting contractors to help you get the job done without any hassle.