How to Repaint Your Walls with Light Paint

Remodeling your home should be a fun and rewarding project. This should also help increase the overall value of your property. The best remodels not only make your home more valuable but also reduce operating costs. For instance, new windows can make your home more energy efficient. Similarly, vinyl siding can increase your insulation. But these projects are both still very expensive. If you are looking for a cheaper, quicker way to increase the efficiency of your home, you should definitely consider painting your exterior walls a lighter color. This article explains why lighter paint is more efficient and how to apply it properly.

Increasing Your Home Efficiency

Lighter-color exterior paint will definitely reduce solar absorption. This becomes particularly helpful during the hot summer days when the sun is out. In the long run, your interior walls won't heat up as fast, and you won't need to be so reliant on your AC. However, if you also prime your walls and apply two or three coats of paint, which might be necessary anyway, you can add a little bit of protection from cold weather too. These paint coats can be very effective if you have stucco wall. However, you will notice the biggest changes if you are painting a previously unpainted wooden or brick surface. The new paint will essentially fill the pores and prevent air seeping into your walls and heating them down.

Applying the Paint

If you want the most insulation from your paint job, it is better to apply the paint with rollers. When you apply paint with pneumatic spray guns, you need to water down the paint. As a result, the paint will go on thinner, so it won't be as protective. Using paint rollers is actually quicker than using a gun if you have three or four people who can paint at once. With this much manpower, you are able to quickly cover the majority of the walls. It is also worth applying two full layers of primer before you paint your walls. Primer is thicker and will protect your wood from moisture and termite damage. It is also vital if you are painting your walls a lighter color than they were before.

As you can see, painting your walls a new, lighter color is a very simple way to help make your home a little greener. This is certainly a budget exterior remodel, especially if you use rollers. Click here for more info about having exterior painting done.