4 Benefits Of Epoxy Flooring

When you have a concrete floor, placing an epoxy coating over the top of it can be very beneficial. The epoxy is made out of a resin and a hardener. Together, these two things are able to adhere to your concrete flooring. If you aren't considering getting a epoxy flooring, this is a great choice. Here are four benefits of epoxy flooring

Adds Shine

Because the epoxy substance is clear and it hardens solid onto your floor, it creates a very shiny surface. The great thing about this surface is that it is much more visually appealing than just the concrete. This is great if you want concrete floors, but you want them to look nice at the same time. 

Creates A Layer Of Protection

Another excellent reasons to go with epoxy flooring is the fact that it creates more protection for your flooring. The epoxy soaks somewhat into the porous concrete, but it also creates a thin layer on top of it as well. This helps to preserve the integrity of your floor, thus extending the life of your floor. 

Saves You Money 

When you choose to go with epoxy flooring, you are actually saving money. The reason for this being that the cost of epoxy for your floor is much less than the cost of replacing your floor. If you are diligent about applying epoxy to your floor whenever it becomes thin and worn down, this can essentially make your floor last years longer than it otherwise would. Since a concrete floor is quite expensive to install or to re-install, knowing that it will last and last with the epoxy is a big deal. 

Things Don't Soak Into It

Unlike the porous concrete underneath the epoxy flooring, the epoxy doesn't soak things into it. This means that any spills will simply pool on the surface. This can save your floor from stains, break down, and other forms of damage from things like oil, gas, cleaning products, beverages, etc. 

Going with epoxy flooring on top of your concrete floor is an excellent idea because it adds a beautiful shine to your floors, it creates a layer of protection between your concrete and whatever comes in contact with the epoxy, it saves you money because your concrete lasts longer, and you don't have to worry about things soaking into it because the epoxy isn't porous like the concrete underneath it is.