3 Things To Talk To Your Commercial Painter About

If the inside of your office building looks like a rainbow of colors from the late 1990's or early 2000's, then you may be wondering how on earth you're ever going to find the time to paint it all a natural color. Luckily, with the help of a commercial painting company they can come out to your office space and paint it so that it looks a little easier on the eyes and less shocking. After your meeting with a commercial painter, however, there are a few things that you may want to talk to them about before they give you your final bid. 

1. The Paint Colors

Before you decide on the exact paint color that you want, see if your commercial painter can put samples on the walls for you to see. For instance, some whites may look a little more yellow in certain lighting whereas other whites may look a little gray. By having your painter put samples directly on the wall, you can see first-hand what they will look like in your exact office space. Then, from there you can hopefully land on your final decision. 

2. The Ceiling

If your ceiling is a bright white already, then you may think that you don't need to repaint it. Ask your painter if they think that painting your ceiling with a fresh coat of paint will help brighten up the entire space of not. If they think it won't make a difference, then you can save some money, but if they think it will make a difference, then you may want to spend the extra money and have it painted while they are there. 

3. Trim and Doors

If your office building has wood molding, baseboards, and doors, then you may not be sure about painting them or just leaving them. Another thing you may want to consider is having your trim and doors professionally painted a color like a bright white so that they look a little bit more up-to-date and contemporary. Your commercial painter may be able to advise you on what type of paint to use and if they think you should paint them at all. 

Having your commercial building painted can help not only make your employees feel a little more like they're working in this century and not like they're stuck in a 1980's horror movie. If you want to learn more about commercial painting services, contact a company near you and get some bids.