The Steps Involved In Painting Your Office Building

Painting your office building is a process that requires several steps so the results have the best appearance. Commercial painters can work with your schedule so the work disrupts your employees and guests as little as possible, but due to the nature of the work, you'll have to accommodate the painting crew unless they can work when the office building is closed. Here are some suggestions for planning the painting process and the steps needed to complete the job.

Your Work Area May Need Temporary Adjustments

One of the initial steps involved in the painting process is a look at how the work will impact your company and employees. If you operate 24 hours a day and seven days a week, then the painting service helps you choose the best time for painting based on when your building is the least active. You may need to set up a temporary entrance for a few hours or move employees from room to room while certain jobs are being done. All this can be figured out in advance so you know exactly what needs to be done while the painting crew works and you can adjust your workflow accordingly if it's necessary.

The Steps Involved In Commercial Painting

Painting an office building is a lot like painting a house or any other building with it comes to the process. Each step is done with care and precision so there is no sloppy work, paint stains, or damaged landscaping left behind. The first step is to protect the area being worked on with plastic sheets so paint and dust don't get on plants near the foundation. When the painters move indoors, the areas not to be painted, such as floors, windows, and furniture are covered so they're safe from paint.

Next, the walls have to be washed and repaired. Outside, the crew may use a pressure washer. Inside, an air blower might be used instead along with hand washing. Holes, cracks, and other imperfections in the wall are filled in and leveled out so the imperfections disappear under the paint. Paint is then applied in the manner agreed upon which may include two coats of high-quality paint.

The painting service will estimate how long the process takes and how long your employees will be disrupted if they need to be bothered at all. The service will probably send in a crew so the work goes as fast as possible especially since commercial painters have the right equipment for handling large paint jobs. However, precision work that has a professional look will take time to complete, and the painting time required depends on the size of your office building.