Get Exterior Painting To Help Your Property Stand Out As A Vacation Rental

A neutral home may be what a homeowner wants to prioritize when making plans to sell their property since it will appeal to most buyers, but neutral may not be the best option if you are looking for renters instead. You may run a vacation rental in which you want to do everything you can to get people interested in staying in your home while traveling.

While you can appeal to those traveling in many ways, you should consider starting with exterior house painting because it can have a positive impact on your efforts to accomplish this goal.

Finding the House

When a person looks at your vacation rental, they may look for things that will allow them to find the house quickly and easily without putting the address into their smartphone. If a potential guest knows that they will be able to find your home because it stands out in a neighborhood, they may feel more tempted to book a reservation as it may provide them with peace of mind.

If a guest knows that they will be visiting in the evening, they may know that the address numbers are not always easy to find. Fortunately, you can keep this from being a problem for anyone who stays at your vacation rental by picking bold and bright colors that differ from neighboring homes.

Listing Photos

A huge perk that comes with painting your vacation rental in different colors is that you will be able to make your listing photos stand out compared to other rentals. As a potential guest goes through a long list of rental options, you can make yours stand out with certain colors.

A great way to figure out what might stand out well in your area is by going through these vacation rental websites and checking out the other properties that are your competition. This should help you come up with a list of exterior colors to use that will stand out as unique.

Creating a Theme

If you are interested in creating a theme for your vacation rental to help with attracting guests, you should not hesitate to extend the theme to the exterior part of the property. Without a themed exterior, you may find that some people do not realize your vacation rental is themed until they start looking at interior photos where they find certain color and decorative schemes.

With exterior painting, you can make it clear to guests that they are looking at a themed rental, which can help you charge higher rates and appeal to a crowd wanting this kind of experience.

Painting your home's exterior can help you improve your vacation rental in several ways.