Hire Professionals To Paint Your Living Areas

If you have decided that your living room, dining room, and the family room need to be freshened up with new wall treatments, think of hiring professionals to do the job. Besides having the expertise to do an excellent job, they will have plenty of color samples from which you can make your paint selections.

The same workers who paint your living area will also be happy to put up wallpaper borders and wallpaper.  You will probably even be allowed to take several wallpaper books home with you so that you can make your selections at your own convenience.

The Formal Rooms

Consider what you want for the more formal areas. If the living room and dining room are right next to each other, do you want to choose one color of paint for both rooms, or do you want to select two different colors that complement each other? For example, a very pale turquoise in one room with a subtle green in the next room might work very well. 

Decide on the mood you want to set. For instance, for a tranquil look, go with very soft hues of pastels or with off-white for the color of the paint. For a more dramatic feeling, go with stronger colors like burgundy, green, or yellow for the paint color. 

You might want to wallpaper all of the walls or even just one wall in both the living room and the dining room. Think of selecting elegant flocked wallpaper or wallpaper that has gold or silver as part of the design. Or, maybe you will go with just a border. For instance, if you choose a very light pink for the paint color, a border with a pink-toned shell design would work very well. 

​The Family Room

Since this room is probably used a great deal, the painters will probably suggest paint that is easy to clean with a soft, damp rag or with a cleaning eraser. Choose a paint treatment that will complement your furniture. For instance, if you have gone with rustic furniture, faux painting the walls to look like worn leather or denim would be great. 

Maybe you'd rather stick with regular painted walls. If you have gone with traditional furniture with patterned upholstery, choose one of the predominant colors in the upholstery and use that same color of paint for the walls. For instance, if the pattern has yellow flowers as the focal point, choose the same color of yellow for the wall paint. 

When the walls are freshly painted, you might not think you like the colors you selected. Give it a few days and you will probably realize that you made the right color choices. It's just a matter of getting used to the new look. 

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