Painting Over A Brick Fireplace: What You Need To Know

Brick can be very beautiful, although some brick colors may not be your taste. Replacing the brick on your fireplace to match your aesthetic can be very expensive. Even just resurfacing it with a thin brick can be expensive. Instead of replacing the brick or changing the fireplace, you can have it painted over to give it a new look. Painting over the brick on your fireplace can be done yourself, but if you aren't sure if you can handle it yourself, you can always hire a professional painter to do the work for you. Read on for information to help you paint over your brick fireplace yourself.

Use The Proper Paint

Be sure you use the right type of paint. The brick on your fireplace needs to be able to withstand heat from the fireplace, so be sure to use paint that is made for not just brick, but paint that can withstand heat as well. A latex heat-resistant paint that can withstand high heat is best for your fireplace. You can read through the manufacturer's label to see what the paint is best used for, or you can ask someone at the paint store what is best to use.

Get The Right Tools

You need the right paint tools in order to paint your fireplace. You'll need different types of paintbrushes and rollers, as you'll wear out both on the brick surface, which can be harsh on your tools. You'll want to get in between the bricks on the mortar, which can be best covered with a paintbrush, the face of the brick can be painted with a roller. If you don't want a lot of coverage, you'll want to keep rags handy to wipe away some of the paint so you can still see some of the brick through the paint. Make sure you have a tarp handy as well, as the paint may splatter on your floor around the fireplace. Painter's tape should also be used in order to prevent the paint from getting onto other surfaces such as the wall around the fireplace.

Even with the right tools and paint, painting over brick can be a chore, especially if you have a larger brick fireplace to paint. Getting in between the mortar and along the brick face can also take some time to do and if you need a second coat for more coverage, it can take even more time. If you are at all worried about making mistakes or the time it will take, there is no shame in hiring a professional painting contractor to do the work for you. You'll soon fall in love again with your brick fireplace!