Prelude To Painting: An Introduction To Choosing The Right Paint For Your Home's Interior

Deciding to paint the interior of your home is a wise investment into its aesthetic and monetary value. Once you make the decision and find a contractor, you will need to determine the best color and type of paint for your interior walls. Following a few easy tips will help you narrow down the choices. 

Turn to your favorite objects

Looking at objects you love can give you clues about paint color. For instance, if you have a beautiful landscape picture hanging in a living room or entryway, pay attention to the colors in the painting. Select a few colors that you find pleasing and use them as a guide when you head to the paint store.

You may also choose a favorite piece of furniture, decorative throw, or accent pillow to find colors that appeal to you and stand out. Take the item or a picture of the item with you when shopping for paint color samples. 

Picking a paint finish

Paint finish can make a difference in the effect of a room. It used to be a common practice to paint all the walls with the same finish and use a gloss finish for trim. However, it is not uncommon to combine several finishes in one room.

For instance, a flat finish can be used for main walls and a gloss finish for an accent wall in a different color to create interesting eye appeal in a room. You can also create a unique look by painting a wall in a flat finish and an adjacent wall in a semi-gloss in the same color. This creates a velvet look when the light hits the walls.

Mood matters

While painting the entire house in one neutral color may seem like a good idea, it will limit your ability to change the mood from room to room. It is also fun allowing other family members to choose their own bedroom color to reflect their unique personalities.

Create a soothing or relaxing mood in the bedroom by using subtle shades of blue. Alternatively, a home office may benefit from shades of green to infuse a sense of energy and refreshment in the room. Yellow in the kitchen will offer a cheerful and inviting look.

The right interior paint can breathe new life into any home and can dictate the mood in a room. However, choosing the best paint color and type can be time-consuming and exhausting considering all the choices available. Using the existing elements in your home as your guide is the key to choosing paint that enhances and complements your home. To learn more, contact a home interior painting company.